Demystifying Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)

The continuous development of crypto-assets and blockchain industry has brought new opportunities to the fintech area, specifically regarding the issuance and use of currency or other forms of digital assets. Our geopolitical, economic and social environment has created new expectations for secure, reliable, easy-to-use, globally available digital payments and means of exchange. This has inspired central […]

Prelude to the global crypto-currency race

The US dollar has been the incontestable global reserve currency of our modern economy since the World War II. USA has done a great job defending its global reserve status by weaponizing its fiat currency. But the status quo seems to be progressively evolving. The economic instability of our changing world is putting more pressure than ever […]

Blockchain application providers need business analytics tools

In our current hyper-competitive data-driven economy, companies need analytics to run efficiently their business. When considering digital technologies, data are generated at all different layers of a given value chain: by your own activity, by your business partners, by your customers, and also by your competitors. Since a few years, successful companies have mainly been […]

Blockchain industry is maturing — The evidences

During the past years, we have often heard about the need for blockchain industry to become legitimate with political recognition, favorable regulation, or major IT companies support. For this new asset class to honor its promises, it requires traditional economic world engagement. But even though crypto-assets have been suffering an heavy bear market last year, the […]

Blockchain: Separating fact from fiction

This blog post aims at summarizing the current state of blockchain development and future uses. It reflects the vision of its author, fueled by years of active involvement in this field. Introduction: From an abstract concept to a new technological field Blockchain is not a single technology. After having been conceived by Bitcoin creator — […]