Nyctale is here — Blockchain monitoring and Business Intelligence solutions

Blaise from Nyctale

Why Nyctale?

As the coming age of token-economy will generate value on top of investment and speculative behaviors, entrepreneurs and investors will need adapted tools to monitor token usage and better understand project’s intrinsic value. Thus, our project Nyctale has been conceived as a way to help crypto-ecosystem maturing. Our objective is to participate in the rationalization of this coming token-economy. It requires to better understand economic mechanisms behind the blockchain technology, and it invites us to promote a healthier vision for the overall ecosystem.

A readability problematic

Blockchain ledger hasn’t been conceived to ease the extraction and the interpretation of transaction data. It is however crucial to measure the impact of a specific product’s features on its token value. Nyctale tackle the poor readability of blockchain transactions.

Our efforts are focused on creating tools for modelling, simulation and value impact prediction of token usage. We propose business intelligence solutions about main distributed ledgers to monitor usage, to better perceive the value captured, and to optimize the design of incentive systems.

We aim at disclosing incentive mechanisms at stake on crypto-related projects. We feel the need to reveal the behavior of actors within a dedicated network to measure the pertinence and the efficiency of token usage-based business models.

Our Solution

Nyctale develops big data / AI solutions to monitor distributed ledger technologies and to analyze token usage.

We characterize the evolution of token communities regarding the development of associated projects. We so deliver performance indicators and decision-aiding tools, based on bleeding-edge applied mathematics.

Our tools are well suited to reveal behaviors and economic mechanisms in a business intelligence approach.

Who we are?

Nyctale has been founded by Blaise Cavalli and Pierre Colin, respectively CEO and CTO. The project comes from the combining of the competences of Blaise, in entrepreneurship and distributed ledger technologies, and Pierre, in data science.

With a double master’s degree in general engineering and business intelligence, Blaise is dedicated on market opportunities analysis, development strategy and business development. He had a first strong work experience in a business consulting company and has also worked for iExec — a blockchain-based decentralized cloud computing platform, as a strategy analyst and business developer.

For its part, Pierre is working to create data-science applications that will scale and work well in a highly constrained production environment. He graduated from a famous French engineering school and from the Imperial College of London with a master’s degree in Machine Learning. After having a first experience as a Quantitative Analyst in banking institution, he has led for several years the data-scientist team of a French digital marketing agency.

Our project is supported by the French Public Investment Bank (BPI), B612 incubator (linked with Caisse d’Epargne, a French semi-cooperative banking group) and Amazon Activate program. We are also working with iExec Blockchain Tech to develop our first POC and we are looking for a fundraising stage in the range of 400 k€ — 800 k€.

Any plan for an ICO?

We don’t have any intent to issue a utility token until now. There is no meaning for this in our current strategy.