Introducing Nyctale: Crypto-assets analysis tools for token usage evaluation

Blaise from Nyctale

Crypto-assets and tokens are hybrid financial instruments, programmable and configurable, which enable innovative business model on a secured and decentralized infrastructure. It offers to entrepreneurs a promising sharing process for added value generation, in addition to a large range of new functionalities through the usage of crypto-assets. Blockchain allows to redefine specific economic mechanisms by aligning communitarian interests with economic incentives.

The ICO process enable to quickly gather new potential users. It is however necessary to go beyond this first operation to understand incentive mechanisms at stake on a specific project. There is a need to reveal the behavior of different actors behind a dedicated network (investors and users) to measure the efficiency of economic mechanisms created through the token usage.

Crypto-assets valorization is currently quite unpredictable, and almost exclusively due to speculation. When projects will begin to deliver services, the token usage will generate value on top of investment and speculative behaviors. Entrepreneurs and investors don’t have yet tools to monitor and understand the impact and evolution of different communities’ behavior on the token value.

It is therefore crucial for entrepreneurs to measure the impact of their product’s features on the token value generation process, and also for investment strategies to identify the value creation potential based on community growth.

As the blockchain ledger is basically a data registry, all the network’s transactions are registered. But this ledger hasn’t been conceived to ease the extraction and the interpretation of these data. We need to develop tools to implement advanced analysis to reveal behaviors and economic mechanisms, in a business intelligence strategy, so as to :

– Characterize the size, the weight and the evolution of each communities (investors, speculators and users) that are interacting on a determined token ;

– Monitor the impact of these types of actors on the token value and understand the way it evolves regarding the project operational development ;

This is highly valuable for entrepreneurs and investors to decrypt the token value generation process.

We feel the necessity of measuring the pertinence and the efficiency of token usage-based business models, and of creating monitoring tools and analysis frameworks to optimize the design of incentive systems with a rigorous methodologic approach.

We therefore start a new company, called Nyctale, with the final objective to conceive tools for modelling, simulation and value impact prediction of token usage.