Blockchain industry is maturing — The evidences

Blaise from Nyctale

During the past years, we have often heard about the need for blockchain industry to become legitimate with political recognition, favorable regulation, or major IT companies support. For this new asset class to honor its promises, it requires traditional economic world engagement.

But even though crypto-assets have been suffering an heavy bear market last year, the blockchain industry maturing process has made significant progress in the last months. The evidences are here, and the big picture is progressively being drawn: Blockchain industry is maturing.

As political recognition appears from IMF [1] to G20 [2], blockchain industry remains sometimes sticked to its original promise to fight against the centralization of political power and wealth distribution [34]. In a few cases, blockchain technologies can help citizens to emancipate from an economic recession [56]. But in other cases, crypto-assets become a tool for authoritarian regime to keep their economy under control [789]. At the end, blockchain industry shows the biggest potential for adoption in South America [1011] or in Africa [12], where the local economy remains somehow unstable.

From the regulation part, the horizon is getting clearer from day to day: major achievements are progressively setting up from EU [1314] to USA [1516], including Asia [1718]. This goes hand in hand with major IT companies support. Google [19], Facebook [2021], Telegram [22], Baidu [23] or Alibaba [24] made recent headlines about their own strategy within this industry. And every single big tech company is getting onboard, including Amazon [25], Apple [26], Samsung [27], GMO [28], Kakao [29], Rakuten [30], and Telefónica [31].

Obviously, major investment companies are also joining the party, as highlighted by the announces made by BlackRock [32] and Fidelity Investments [33]. The New-York Stock Exchange is launching its own digital asset platform [34], as well as those of Germany [35] and Switzerland [36]. Within the banking sector, JPMorgan — a major US bank, reclaims its share of the pie with the launch of a US bank-backed crypto-currency [37]. Institutional investors are progressively getting involved in this new asset class [383940]. And naturally, major international universities are now supporting this disruptive and promising economic area [41], from the MIT [42] to Harvard [43], including Berkeley [44] and other international schools [4546].

There is no more doubt: blockchain industry is maturing at a rapid pace. Even Elon Musk has recently recognized that digital currencies are “a far better way to transfer value” than current tools [47].

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